UK Intelligent Engineering Forum

Mastering Digital Transformation

25th April 2018

AMTC, Coventry, United Kingdom

Business Value Workshop

Who is it for?

A workshop for business and process owners, decision makers and strategists.


How can my business benefit from Digital Transformation? This conference is packed with technology to support Digital Transformation but executives are likely to have many questions:

  • What does this mean to my organisation?
  • How disruptive is it going to be?
  • Where is the best place to start?
  • Where is the value?

Next generation Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technologies and the processes they enable have a major role to play in any company that designs and manufactures product today. In this workshop, we will establish a common understanding for PLM and how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is designed to support the latest and evolving business drivers.


  • Introduction
  • What is a Next Generation PLM?
  • Modern PLM business drivers in today’s global economy
  • How does 3DEXPERIENCE enable Digital Transformation?
  • Defining a robust PLM strategy and vision
  • How to ensure a successful Digital Transformation project
  • Business transformation/change management
  • Summary & Next Steps
  • Q&A – with the Presenters


Geoff Turner, Business Consultant - Intrinsys

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Anna Liljedahl, Senior Advisor - Infuseit

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Supported By

Craig Mills, Sales Director - Intrinsys

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John Kitchingman, Managing Director - Dassault Systèmes (EuroNorth)

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Format of the workshop

This interactive workshop is aimed at business leaders who are currently embarking on, or are considering taking the first steps on a Digitised Business Transformation journey. It includes a panel session with senior and experienced team members, addressing specific points of discussion from the audience.

This roundtable format will feature an audience representing various business sizes and industry segments, promising to be a unique and rewarding experience for business leaders.

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