UK Intelligent Engineering Forum

Mastering Digital Transformation

25th April 2018

AMTC, Coventry, United Kingdom

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Johannes Storvik

Johannes Storvik is the Chief Technology Officer for TechniaTranscat in the Nordics and Benelux. He has 20 years of experience from PLM implementations and strategic PLM advisory across a wide range of industries. His main mission is to guide companies on a successful 3DEXPERIENCE journey, utilizing the cutting edge software solutions and implementation skills of TechniaTranscat, the knowledge leaders in PLM.

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Jonas Gejer

Jonas Gejer is the CEO of Addnode Group PLM Division comprised of the two leading brands Intrinsys and TechniaTranscat. +30 years of experience from PLM, CAD/CAM and one of three founders of Technia in 1994. Broad and international experience from introducing PLM to most industries.

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Jonathan Dutton

Jonathan is the Marketing Director at Dassault Systèmes focusing on the Transportation & Mobility Industry. Jonathan is an automotive engineer with over 20 years’ experience from chassis and engine design, software applications, to more recently transportation future trends analysis and solution definition. Now leading marketing activities with a very strong industry focus to ensure customer satisfaction and transformation and ultimately growth.

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Laurent Couillard

OptimData develops an artificial intelligence to take on the real industrial challenges.

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Craig Mills

Craig is the sales director at Intrinsys. Craig started his engineering career in 1976 – specialising in Production Engineering before moving in to Software Services / Sales, within the CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM market-space, in 1987. He has worked with many leading companies such as Computervision, MSC Software, and Tata Technologies in both Sales Management and Executive roles. Craig heads a rapidly growing sales department which doubled through the acquisition of Applied CAE back in 2014. The team continues to expand both in the UK and in South Africa, which also falls under Craig’s wing, and is recognised as a significant force within UK and international PLM.

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Andrew Early

Andrew is the technical director at Intrinsys. Andrew’s team guides highly competitive and technology focused clients on both their selection and deployment of PLM technologies. Working closely with his team, clients and OEM software developers, Andrew has many years of experience and engineering industry knowledge gained through leading critical programmes and projects. He represents the tangible component of Intelligent Engineering taking strategies, methodologies and processes and makes them a reality for the client.

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Peter Kermack

Peter is the technical specialist at Intrinsys. Peter’s skill set and experience make him an ideal candidate to work with clients deploying the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. His knowledge of CAD management and document management systems ensures that the enhancement of existing business processes, and the delivery of new best practice methodologies to support business development, are completed smoothly. Peter’s hands on ‘devils in the detail’ approach has made him popular with clients and a go-to person at Intrinsys.

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Luke Barker

Integral Powertrain Ltd was founded in 1998 by its four current directors Luke, John, Darren and Roger, who had previously worked for a number of years at Cosworth’s road engine business.

Integral Powertrain Ltd is recognised as the leader in high performance powertrain and electric motors, and is continuously developing next generation technologies as part of the move towards a more sustainable way of powering vehicles.

Luke’s roles include working out how to do this and building the expertise required. He has also supported the development of Integral e-Drive; their e-Drives division, into a full service electric drive system provider and is also responsible for marketing. In recent years Luke has overseen the development of unique technology in boosting, turbo-compounding and hybridisation called SuperGen.

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Lex Hoefsloot

Lightyear was founded 2016 by world champion solar car builders. Its goal is to accelerate the introduction of electric cars by eliminating the need for charging points. By implementing solar cells on the roof and reducing the energy consumption of the vehicle, it is possible to drive from 10.000 to 20.000 kilometers a year using just the sun. Their CEO, Lex Hoefsloot, will elaborate on Lightyears mission and give an overview of its past and future

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